Corporate Publishing

Telling a company’s history in text and images on a few pages is always a challenge. Especially since the history of each company is always a complex one, including historical developments, current decisions, and societal changes. Is it always an exciting story? Not automatically! Only the “red thread” and the right points of emphasis animate to read (further).

IWK successfully faced such a challenge of narration when we created the Siemens magazine “Technology and financing from a single source – a remarkable success story”. IWK not only developed the editorial idea for the company magazine but also the concept of the same and coordinated the entire project. How we did that?

We invited readers to a journey throughout the history of a technology provider that stands for groundbreaking ideas in the fields of industry, energy, health, and infrastructure solutions since its founding. But the best idea in the sector of technology only remains an idea, if no investors, who believe and invest in it, are mobilized. Based on the depiction of historical projects, current case studies, and comparative numerical examples, “Technology and financing from a single source – a remarkable success story” tells the story of a technology company, which developed over the years intelligent financial solutions itself, contributing to the implementation of its innovative ideas.

It’s not a coincidence that we have told that exciting story: the choice of the appropriate tonality, the development of accurate messages, and the writing of exciting stories are competences which have distinguished us for years. Combined with a distinct expertise in the financial and industrial sector, we created this magazine, which can do one thing: to encourage the reader to read (further).



Datum: January 14, 2013