Media Training

It is not always easy to find the right tone – sometimes even top managers cannot find the right words. That’s why even in corporate communications the rule is: practice, practice and perfectly timed preparation, as well as a personal and clear message. That’s why we prepare our customers together with experienced journalists and communication trainers for their public appearances. Our trainers know that the lion’s share of the effectiveness of a communication comes from the personality aspect. And quite clearly this means: no artificial role playing, not putting on an act in front of the camera, but use the authenticity of the person with all his or her  strengths.

Whether it is a press event, addressing a conference or a presentation to your colleagues: professional handling of unpleasant questions or disturbances, recognising trick questions and traps, defending your own position, and enforcing your will against others and standing behind your point of view and the core messages are all practiced in lifelike situations in preparation for the event.



Datum: January 14, 2013